Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did we create a 'Bioeconomy job board'?

In a world teeming with generalist job boards, the challenge of finding quality, relevant opportunities in specialized fields like the bioeconomy can be daunting. Bioeconomy Careers stands out by cutting through the clutter, exclusively serving companies and job seekers within the bioeconomy sector.

Our platform is dedicated to pinpointing career opportunities that align with our mission of promoting sustainable development and innovation. By focusing solely on the bioeconomy, we connect top talent possessing unique experience and skill sets directly with the companies leading the way in sustainable solutions.

This specialization ensures a more efficient, targeted job search and recruitment process, facilitating the perfect match between job seekers and employers in this vital, growing industry.

How can we get our jobs featured on Bioeconomy Careers?

You can directly post "Boosted Jobs" on Bioeconomy Careers. These will be highlighted and pinned above standard job posts. These postings typically receive significantly more visibility than standard posts.

Additionally, we index and curate jobs from various companies in the bioeconomy sector and list them as "Standard Job Posts". If your company's jobs are not already listed, please contact us to discuss inclusion.

What is a Curated Job Post?

A curated job is a position that we have handpicked from various sources, including company websites, LinkedIn, and other job platforms. These are selected for their relevance to the bioeconomy sector. Curated jobs are listed as Standard Job Posts on our site and offer a broad view of the opportunities available in this field.

What is an Indexed job post?

In addition to manual curation, we use technology to automatically collect and filter jobs that are relevant to building a career in the bioeconomy. While these are automatically aggregated, we manually sort, select, and update these postings as they are imported into our site, making sure only high-quality, active, and relevant opportunities are listed.

Why aren't all of our job openings showing on Bioeconomy Careers?

Curating jobs and sorting though indexed posts is a meticulous process, and sometimes there might be a delay in featuring new job openings. While we strive to cover as many relevant jobs as possible, we cannot guarantee that every opening will be included. To ensure maximum visibility for your job openings, consider posting them directly as Boosted Job Posts.

Can we post a job as a Boosted Job Post if it has already been listed as a Standard Job Post?

Yes, definitely. If you prefer, we can remove the Standard Job Post to avoid duplication. However, having both can increase the job's visibility. Boosted Job Posts are given priority in terms of visibility and applicant reach.

Do you offer bulk discounts for posting multiple jobs?

Absolutely! We provide attractive discounts for bulk postings. Opting for our Boosted Job Package or signing up for a Subscription can lead to significant savings.

What is the Bioeconomy "Talent Hub"?

At Bioeconomy Careers, our Talent Hub is a dynamic, exclusive platform designed to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and leading companies in the bioeconomy sector. This hub serves as a specialized portal where experienced professionals, recent graduates with technical or advanced degrees, and individuals with relevant skill sets from adjacent industries can showcase their expertise, resumes, and passion for sustainable solutions.

For job seekers and industry professionals, joining our Talent Hub is completely free. It offers a unique opportunity to highlight their experience and interest in the bioeconomy sector, making them visible to top employers actively seeking specialized talent.

To access the Talent Hub, employers can sign up for a subscription or request an invitation here. (Coming Soon)

Have more questions?

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please reach out to us through our contact form or at We're here to assist you and will respond promptly!